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The Role


The role Information Technology has to play in the Biotechnology industry cannot be overstated. IT is not only important, it’s dominant in an industry driven by R&D. Innovations are churned out at breakneck spread, Biotech firms need to be abreast of situations in the current industry or find they are operating in the ice age.

Also, in a Biotech’s quest for profitability, efficient deployment of resources to run and perform at optimal level is a must. More so for startups, small, medium sized Biotech firms that are not only competing against larger Pharmaceutical companies but other more established Biotech firms that have war chests the size of the foreign reserves of some 3rd world countries at their disposal.

A Biotech firms have to churn out innovations quickly or die a fast and painful death. This is where IT consultancy firms can help. Engaging a competent IT consultancy firm will enable Biotech firm to move faster towards profitability as they will have time to innovate, create and disseminate such innovations to their target markets efficiently and at a lower cost.

How then does one recognize a competent IT firm? I don’t know all the firms out there but I believe a Biotech company should be looking out for one with these 7 attributes:

7. Pertaining to equipment and technology deployed at the client’s workplace, the IT firm should be able to proffer solutions as to how to coordinate efforts in harmony to ensure maximum productivity, thus profits. From my experience as an IT consultant, clients want their innovations to hit their target markets fast and precise, to eliminate high costs of information dissemination but not compromising on effectiveness. IT firms should partner with their clients to ensure maximum efficiency in productivity at cost effective rates, do more with less.